Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Religion is bunk

About to log out, I hit the "Next Blog" button instead. As you'll know, the result was that I was fed a succession of randomly selected blogs. Oh, the places that impulse can take a chap.

I browsed rapidly through 20 or 30 blogs, my heart sinking a little further with each new page. I would hazard that four of every five was proclaiming the author's Christian beliefs. Worse, more than one author was expressing pity for those who fail to share their superstitions.

Yes, superstitions. There is no "God" and it is supremely arrogant to assert otherwise. How dare you tell me that your spiritual beliefs are correct and that most of the world's people, who believe something else, are all wrong? Please, whatever your particular flavour of Christianity, don't wave your "evidence" at me. I really can't be bothered to respond with the wealth of equally convincing "evidence" that underpins the beliefs of Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists and all the rest.

Were I ever sentenced to having to wield executive power, I'd outlaw the teaching of religions. All religions.

In science, "I don't know," is always an acceptable answer to any question. That's why scientists conduct experiments. Religion - any religion - is the invented answer to, "Who am I and where do I come from?" Simply, people don't like not knowing the answer to spiritual questions and have an emotional need to deny that our existence is without purpose. Hence, "God" - or gods.

The aspect of organised religion that most irks me is the stunning hypocrisy of most of its adherents. Don't tell me that you're a Christian if you have a bank account. Is saving for your own future really more important than helping less fortunate individuals? Your car is five years old? If you sold it and bought a ten-year-old model, how many of the world's starving could you feed with the change? Unless all of your personal possessions are both absolutely essential and the cheapest possible options, don't tell me that you're a Christian, because I'll call you a liar. You're a Christian, but you're wearing a cheap Timex? Buying the cheapest watch, instead, would have allowed you to do some good for other people, you hypocrite.

Don't start me on the subject of people sleeping rough in the streets of Rome while Benedict, whose bed is warm and comfortable, heads one of the world's most powerful and wealthiest organisations and is surrounded by unnecessary, expensive ornamentation. If the Vatican liquidated all of its global assets and used the proceeds for charitable relief, poverty would become history overnight.

OK, rant over, let's find out if anyone is listening.

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