Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Five colourful rings...

Everyone else seems to be talking about the UK's first Olympiad since 1948, so one more comment will make little difference to the cacophony. It won't be long before the world's media, junketing politicians and hospitality-soaking businessfolks descend upon us, along with - well, maybe - a few sports enthusiasts.

If your teeth are now grinding in frustation, as you fretfully wish that you were to be among the attending hordes, console yourself with the reminder that the very best vantage point from which to view any Olympic event is one's own armchair.

Having said that, let me really annoy any of you who yearned to attend but were unlucky in the ticket lottery. I may have only minimal interest in most of the imminent goings-on, but that didn't stop me putting in my application. Consequently, I am now awaiting the arrival of my allocated tickets for the Ladies' Football Final and subsequent doling out of gongs. In addition, when the spectacle of the Closing Ceremony enthralls the global audience, look carefully among the spectators within the stadium and you may well see me, as I have forked out a paltry £20.12 apiece for a pair of seats.

Envy me my good fortune. Scowl at my lack of appreciation of it. Be very jealous and very irritated.

If it's any consolation, this is England and it will all be taking place during the very height of summer, so it will probably rain.

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