Friday, 22 October 2010

I wish that I could do that

I gather from news published by the BBC that Mr. Wayne Rooney, a professional football player, has signed a new and more lucrative contract with his employer, Manchester United Football Club. For the uninitiated, this comes swiftly in the wake of his highly publicised insistance that he wished to leave the club, accompanied by equally public and unequivocal criticism of how his employer conducts its business.

It was only for the briefest of moments that I mused upon this, before the reluctant recognition that my own talents in a different sphere are hardly of a similar magnitude to Mr. Rooney's footballing skills. That being so, I shall not be trying a similar ploy in the hope of realising a salary increase.

My forbearance does not arise solely from my lack of bargaining power, but also takes account of the difficulty of implementing an equivalent strategy. Any such attempt upon my part would be doomed to failure, due to my inability to think of any area in which criticism could reasonably be levelled at my employer.

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