Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Oxymoron No. 37: American Sporting Entertainment

When one has to set off no later than 06:40 for the daily commute, staying up until the early hours to watch television is probably inadvisable.

Monday's suffering, however, was more than justified by the spectacle of the Saints fighting back from a 0-10 deficit to thump the Colts 31-17, a record-equalling turnaround which was as entertaining as it was mathematically impressive.

This year's Superbowl was almost good enough to persuade me that I should watch American football more frequently than once annually. Almost, but not quite.

Meanwhile, I continue to contemplate an MLBTV or ESPN subscription, as Spring training looms with no suggestion that Channel Five might resume its twice-weekly baseball coverage. A live game almost every night? Not, perhaps, a good idea; I shall have to continue to root for the Cardinals without spectating. At least it will afford me some empathy with Ali, the chap behind the counter of our local corner shop. Born in Huddersfield but long resident in Surrey, he claims to be a Liverpool FC supporter while refusing to admit that he's never actually been to Anfield. At least I have the excuse of a major ocean standing between me and St. Louis...

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